The Civic Duties of a Catholic

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The Civic Duties of a Catholic

Election day is only 1 day away. The fate of the United States of America will be decided on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. There are 4 people on the ballot running for the office of the President, but really it is down to two choices. Two totally different ideas and philosophies on how the country should be managed or run.

What does My Catholic Faith: A Catechism in Pictures say about it? Lesson 105:

2. Every Catholic who has the right to vote should exercise that right. Matters closely connected with the life of the people are the constant subject of legislation or debate. Even if your vote does not enable the good candidate to win, at least it will lessen the margin of his defeat. A Catholic elector who gives his vote to a candidate hostile to Christian principles, or by abstaining from voting contributes towards the success of such a candidate, has much to answer for.

3. A Catholic elector must not vote for any candidate who despises the teachings of Christianity. Before voting, he should find out the candidate’s views on education, marriage, etc.

Tomorrow’s election in the United States is the most important election in the history of the United States to date. The entire world will be affected by the outcome, for better or for worse. Pray for a favorable outcome in tomorrow’s election. Pray that the candidate with the principles that celebrate the sanctity of life and are aligned closely with the doctrines of the Catholic Church is elected.

Time is running out. As Pope Leo XIII once said “Catholics are born for combat”, we need to learn and study the Catholic Faith more now than ever before.

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